UK Companies


Whether you are going
there on a business trip, on a long-term assignment, are dealing with Japanese clients,have agents or subsidiaries in Japan or are
working for a Japanese company in the UK, you need to navigate the communicational differences that, if not properly understood, can cause: project failure, a breakdown in relationships and trust, a loss of money, reputation and future business prospects.

Doing business with the Japanese is full of misunderstandings because they still have a completely different way of operating.  However their emphasis on long-term relationships and trust means a successful relationship and understanding of how they communicate is crucial to longevity and optimum success. We focus on raising your understanding of their business communications and helping you to build up successful business relationships.

How we do this:

Interactive training on “Working with Japan”.

This will be tailored to your individual needs but could cover how to:
• Understand and adapt your own management styles and methods of communication.
• Develop inter-cultural decision-making and negotiating skills.
• Gain respect and build successful relationships.
• Use the Japanese language and etiquette in business as a beginner.
• Get support with visiting/living in Japan including access to relevant networks & information sources.

Analysis of your Japan strategy and communications

  • We support you to set up a communicational strategy at all levels of your business dealings with Japan from market entry support to making sure you get the most out of your dealings with your suppliers, can recruit & train suitable Japanese talent and communicate efficiently with any staff, clients and partners in Japan.

Market Entry Consultancy

• Initial Market Research in your market sector.
• Localisation support including facilitation of translators and interpreters.
• Introduction to potential partners, relevant organisations and networks.
• Practical Information on going to Japan on business.
• Market updates.

Other support:
• Connecting you with Japan related businesses and networks in the UK.
• Organising Japan related events and seminars.

Sarah Parsons speaking at the Scottish Parliament with the Cross Party Group Convener, MSP Alex Johnstone.

Sarah Parsons speaking at the Scottish Parliament with the Cross Party Group Convener, MSP Alex Johnstone.