Japanese Companies

In the words of Fujio Mitarai:
“Diversification and globalization are the keys to the future”.
Japan is embracing the challenges of globalisation and increasing numbers of Japanese executives are working in diverse teams.

global-communicationsGlobal Communications Training and Development

This training covers the skills and understanding needed to be successful in a diverse team by understanding the western corporate culture of individualism and knowing how to operate within it.

Adopt a global mind set by thinking in new and unfamiliar ways.
• Develop an effective leadership style
• Adapt your style of communication
• Unlock the potential of a diverse workforce and retain local talent to improve efficiency.



What are the options for your company?
This training is as varied and diverse as your company requires and is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. We will use interactive teaching techniques which suit all learning styles. This is a learning process that is engaging, entertaining and informative. All courses will be delivered in English with Japanese support available if needed.

“Living and working in the UK” support for Japanese expatriates

  • Support with British services, utilities, transport, education, sightseeing and finding Japan related links in the community.
  • Relocation support with access to tax experts, immigration and legal advice.
  • Access to business networks in the UK and networking support.
  • Understanding different management and corporate structures.

Interactive training on “Working with Japan” for non-Japanese staff

This will be tailored to your individual needs but could cover how to:

  • Understand and adapt your own management styles and methods of communication to work more effectively with the Japanese
  • Develop inter-cultural decision making and negotiating skills
  • Gain respect and build successful relationships
  • Use the Japanese language and etiquette in business as a beginner
  • Get support with visiting/living in Japan including access to relevant networks & information sources

­­­­­­­­­­­­Project Management of Japan Related events/training courses

With our large network of Japan/UK contacts and knowledge, we can help you organise events and training courses for your global teams that showcase your organisation’s cultural intelligence and attract globally competent talent.

1:1 Relationship Building and Problem Solving

Cross-cultural communicational differences occur at all levels of an organisation: between individuals within a team or even within your HR department communicating with HQ. Let us help you solve any misunderstandings to build up optimum working relationships.

Corporate Communications and PR Support

We can advise on how to effectively communicate your strengths and key messages to different audiences with cultural awareness. We can also PR the work you are doing with us to make you stand out as a global employer.