Japan in Perspective is a consultancy service for all your cross-cultural communicational needs. We have 20 years of Japan/UK experience, excellent inter-personal and coaching skills along with a perceptive understanding of communicational issues that can make or break business success at all levels of your organisation.


Relationship Based Seamless Service

Business with Japan is based on relationship building and no-one understands this better than we do having cultivated 20 years of Japan UK networks so we can offer you a seamless service for all your needs using trusted contacts.

Flexible Solutions

All our solutions are delivered how and where you need them:  in-house 1:1 coaching, group presentations, interactive seminars in Japan or the UK, events organised out of house, on-line learning or phone/e-mail consultations.

 Maximise your Talent and Cultural Intelligence

Our services go beyond a simple list of dos and don’ts with superficial etiquette tips. We provide you with in-depth knowledge, innovative communicational techniques and practical solutions so you can enable the talent within your organization to work globally and maximize their Cultural Intelligence.

We offer a variety of services and training packages depending on your needs. Please explore the Japanese Companies and UK based Companies pages and do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.