Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2018

Posted on 8 November 2018 in News -

I really enjoyed attending this forum-from my perspective I was of course interested in the Japanese element of Hitachi and throughout the whole day, saw examples of great Japan/European collaborations and good working relationships between Hitachi’s European staff and Japan. It was also interesting to hear about how Hitachi has strategised its areas of development from a social innovation perspective to become a key player in this industry and to witness how this iconic Japanese company is globalising. I was also interested in the social element since much of my work revolves around human interactions within cross-cultural communications and gender research as well as my interest in social enterprise work within my local community. In this sense, it was fascinating to attend the exclusive R&D Forum in the afternoon with a chance to go to the exhibition and see some of the new technologies and talk to the people involved in them and learn about how they can help people.

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