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Working with the Japanese-Build Trust and Understanding and Business will work

Posted on 26 November 2018 in Inter-Cultural Training, Japanese Corporate Culture, News -

I had a busy Japan week last week starting with a Derby based visit to Hitachi Information Control Systems and then on to Toyota’s Derby factory just outside of Derby. I got to see Japanese CSR in action here when a group of school children stopped and started practising their bowing and greetings in Japanese to the Japanese ex-pat I was walking with. Not only was this endearing but it shows the immense effect Toyota has had on the local community through outreach educational programmes and exchanges not to mention job creation. I hope that such merits of inward investment from Japan will be recognised through the current negotiations taking place within our Government. Then, on to Toshiba of Europe, where I deliver their Pan European Management Training Programme to support cross-cultural business understanding and develop team-player and leadership skills. This 2 day course is always fun as I get chance to really get to know the delegates and share information and perspectives on their experiences of working with a Japanese company. The main focus of all of my work with the above is to build cross-cultural trust and understanding. Without this, business never works.

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BBC Radio 5Live and Observer Newspaper comments on Japanese Business culture, Nissan scandal and diversity

Posted on 26 November 2018 in Cultural Awareness, Japanese Corporate Culture, News, womenomics -

As a specialist in understanding the differences between business cultures of Japan and the West and explaining the distinctions in a way to facilitate better business, I was asked to come into BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Wake up to Money’ Show and also submit some comments to the Observer Newspaper in light of the recent Nissan scandal. Inevitably, both sides have very different takes on this-any western reporting of this that seems to blame the situation on Japanese business culture will understandably not go down too well with the Japanese, especially when there are other factors involved re Ghosn’s behaviour that culturally do not fit with However, the universal truth is that it will be seen differently through different cultural lenses. However, my final comments on diversity were important. Getting more females into management and board positions has been shown to improve diversity of opinions and encourage different ways of doing things. Maybe Japan needs to engage its own female labour force to bring about the many reforms that are happening. Links to articles and radio show are above.

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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2018

Posted on 8 November 2018 in News -

I really enjoyed attending this forum-from my perspective I was of course interested in the Japanese element of Hitachi and throughout the whole day, saw examples of great Japan/European collaborations and good working relationships between Hitachi’s European staff and Japan. It was also interesting to hear about how Hitachi has strategised its areas of development from a social innovation perspective to become a key player in this industry and to witness how this iconic Japanese company is globalising. I was also interested in the social element since much of my work revolves around human interactions within cross-cultural communications and gender research as well as my interest in social enterprise work within my local community. In this sense, it was fascinating to attend the exclusive R&D Forum in the afternoon with a chance to go to the exhibition and see some of the new technologies and talk to the people involved in them and learn about how they can help people.

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Speaker at Sheffield International Trade Forum-Working with Japan

Posted on 24 September 2018 in Japanese Corporate Culture, Market Insight, News -
Sheffield ITF

I was the key-note speaker at a recent Sheffield International Trade Forum event on ‘Working with Japan’ alongside David McWilliams from Withers&Rogers, who has been working with Japan for many years. I spoke about Japan as a business destination, the various routes to market and how people need to understand the Japanese to do business with them, giving delegates an insight into Japanese business culture. It was great to promote Japan as a business destination and network with Sheffield companies. #northernpowerhouse

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